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Our core belief is that all people are children of God, are loved by God, and that faith formation can begin at any age. We aim to create a loving, safe community where children and youth can be themselves, loved, accepted, and valued as they are. We help children and youth to understand that they are each part of God’s story, to care for one another and all of God’s creation, and to begin to develop a lifelong spiritual practice. They are invited to explore the mysteries of faith through scripture, tradition, and experience as they develop a personal relationship with God. We want them to feel supported by their church as they go about their days and as spiritual transformation and growth happens!

Infant & Toddler Room

The infant and toddler room provides a loving and safe space for supervised play while parents take time for restoration and their own personal faith exploration during the 10:30 a.m. Sunday worship service. Children meet in Room 105, a bright, fresh, and inviting space. This safe and comforting environment allows for supervised free play, exploration, and rest.

Sunday School (K-8)

Children join their families and the congregation for 10:30 a.m. worship service for a short period of family togetherness. This is an important time for learning about church and for feeling the love and support of the whole congregation. Following a brief Bible-based lesson we call, “Words with Children,” the children exit for their classrooms where faith formation begins in engaging and creative formats. Children will learn Bible basics, Bible stories, sing, dance, cook, look at and create art projects, pray, build community, learn acceptance, and practice justice through mission projects. Our hope is that children will build a faith foundation, build confidence in who they are, and create a safe space for each other

Student Music Ministry

We are working to intentionally incorporate music into Sunday School
Music Opportunities for the Christmas season will be coming soon!


In the Bible we learn of Jesus tying a towel around himself and washing the dusty feet of his disciples before the last Passover supper. He stressed that he performed this humble gesture of radical hospitality and service as an example, telling the disciples they were to go and do as he had done. At South Church we believe servant leadership is a way of being in the world, a way of following Jesus’s instruction and example. It is a way of following his commandment to love one another. We live out our belief by nurturing servant leadership through social justice mission programs for many ages.

When youth embody servant leadership they gain real and valuable experiences of putting their faith into action. Throughout the year, youth will be stretched to use their own skills and gifts in a variety of ways and share the love we are called to offer the world in the model of Jesus Christ. They will be challenged and enriched as they meet others in life circumstances very different from their own. At times, we will challenge them to stretch themselves beyond their own comfort zones. The programs are designed to help the youth go deeper into their spiritual exploration and development as they experience each program, based on new experiences and personal growth. The model for the mission programs is cyclical rather than linear. The goal, however, is constant: to help them learn to become servant leaders in the model of Jesus Christ. They will work in community, learning more about themselves, others, and the presence of God. Through having experienced making a difference in the world, they grow into young adults who feel empowered to do so throughout their lives. 

Church School Youth Mission (K-6)

Children will engage in age-appropriate mission activities learning the Biblical basis of compassion with a concentration on our local community (K-6).

  • Introduce children to needs that exist in the world
  • Build confidence that they can make a difference in the world
  • Affirm their unique gifts and contributions
  • Teach personal responsibility to create a safe space for one another


Sunday School

Teachers, organizers, and enthusiasts of all kinds needed to help foster faith exploration in our students. Short and long term volunteer opportunities available! Questions? Contact Chris

Faith Formation Team

Create an event for our community, or support other volunteers in bringing their ideas to life. Tangible and rewarding way to volunteer with our students. Questions? Contact Chris

Meet Our team

Chris Gullotta

Director of Children & Family Ministries (DCFM)




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