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Wednesday School

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For more than thirty years, students in Grades 9-12 have gathered for supper and faith exploration on Wednesday nights from 6:00-7:30 PM during the school year. Every family with participating high school youth take turns each week preparing and serving a meal for Wednesday School. We eat family style, practicing hospitality as we break bread and serve one another. After dinner, we form three classes: freshman, sophomores (Confirmation Class), and juniors/seniors. Adult teachers provide activities and engage students in conversation designed to nurture and challenge their faith. Exposure to Christian spiritual practices enables young disciples to strengthen moral development and inform personal decision making. Wednesday School classes often integrate real life experiences with spirituality, leaving space to meet youth where they are at. At Wednesday School, we are committed to creating a community that is welcoming and safe for all youth.


Confirmation Program

Confirmation at South Church is a matter of sophomores wrestling with their pressing theological questions until they are blessed with clarity. Students are paired up with sponsors who mentor them and introduce them to the mission and ministry of the church. The Confirmation teachers create a safe environment where the mysteries of faith can be explored in depth. Students gain insights into the dynamics of personal relationships, the connection between music and the soul, and the difference it makes when one believes in God. The Life Map exercise allows students to see the intersection of their own story with God’s story, thus affirming the sacredness of their own lives. The field trip to a local house on the Underground Railroad helps students claim their identity as a disciple of Jesus Christ. The Spring Retreat prepares students to write a personal statement of faith. Beginning the Confirmation year in September, the youth  complete the curriculum in June as adults responsible for their own spiritual journey.

To find out more information about Wednesday School and Confirmation, or to enroll your high school student, please contact Rev. Larissa Forsythe at larissaforsythe@southchurch2.org or the church office at (860) 633-4651.

2020 Outdoor Confirmation Ceremony
2021 Confirmation Class