Pre-K through 6th Grade

At South Church young disciples are nurtured beginning in early childhood. Our clean, safe, childcare rooms meet the needs of infants and toddlers during the worship hour. We provide a caring environment in which our youngest children become familiar with the community of faith through play, story, and song. Children from preschool age through 6th grade are engaged in Church School on Sunday mornings. A variety of activities enable young learners to become young disciples. In educational settings, in worship, and in service to our community and the world, young children learn the stories of faith and explore the connections of faith to their everyday lives. Moral character and Christian values develop as children are engaged in Bible stories, the rituals and traditions of the community and explore spiritual disciplines such as prayer and Christian fellowship. Using a variety of methods, a team of parent and student volunteers engage and excite our students.

Church School meets during the 10:30am worship service on Sunday mornings from September-May

We believe that our Children’s Discipleship Education ministry is where we plant the seeds that will grow into Youth Ministry, and follow into adulthood. This is our opportunity to nurture the bonds of friendship and acceptance in our younger children, reinforcing values that will form the foundation for them in their church community. We believe that if we can excite our children about discipleship, help them form bonds in the church community, and establish acceptance of all God’s people, we can help them to be less susceptible to negative societal pressures and more tolerant and resilient as they transition to young adults.

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