Open and Affirming

Because we are all one, unified in Jesus Christ, we are called to be a caring community, made up of, and open to all people without qualification including persons of any race, sex, age, nationality, marital status, physical ability, mental condition, economic status, immigrant status or sexual orientation. We believe we are all unique, special and loved by God and created in God’s image. We will work to affirm the worth and dignity of all as gifts of God’s creation. Therefore, in keeping with the Covenant of our church, we, the members of The Congregational Church in South Glastonbury, declare ourselves to be an open and affirming church and join our brothers and sisters in the United Church of Christ who are striving to welcome all people who wish to follow Christ.

This Open and Affirming (ONA) statement was adopted by South Church on January 27, 1991. We have spent the last 20+ years humbly and faithfully living into it. It is our hope that no matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you will be welcome in this church.  Click here to learn more about the Open and Affirming ministry of the United Church of Christ.