Bringing Malawi to South Church

Nov 19, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. we will be showing a movie about the trip to Malawi in the Social Hall. Lynn will show her 40 minute DVD.  Then we’ll have Q&A.  We’ll light refreshments.

Thank you Lynn Damon for creating life-like art in photographs. In this picture you can see Lynn hanging a photo she had made into a canvas of women and children in a village of Malawi Africa. Lynn Damon accompanied Rev. Allen, Lauren Grandchamp, Laura Hecker and Lauren Jewett went to Malawi this past May. This is just one of the photos that will be hanged all over South Church. Can’t wait for the rest.

“Women have challenges all over the world, especially in Third World countries. This image depicts the energy, the beauty and the spirit of women in Malawi. They work so hard to take care of their family and to take care of each other. The title of this image is “It Takes a Village” and it definitely does, especially in Malawi.” ~ Lynn A Damon.