Sermons from 2012

December 9 Rev. Lynne Dolan “Under Construction”

November 25 Rev. Lynne Dolan “Not What We Expect”

October 7 Rev. Lynne Dolan “With These Hands”

September 30 Rev. Lynne Dolan “From Prayer to Care”

September 23 Rev. Richard Allen “A Reflection on Greatness”

September 16 Rev. Lynne Dolan “Put On Your Discerning Ears”

September 9 Rev. Richard Allen “Be Opened!”

September 2 Rev. Richard Allen “The Law of Liberty”

August 19 Rev. Lynne Dolan “Soul Food”

August 12 Rev. Liz Miller “The Moment We Give Up”

August 5 Rev. Lynne Dolan “Joined at the Heart”

July 22 Rev. Richard Allen “And All Were Healed”

July 8 Rev. Richard Allen “Is This Not the Carpenter’s Son?”

July 1 Rev. Lynne Dolan “Touched”

June 24 Rev. Richard Allen “Peace! Be Still!”

June 17 Rev. Liz Miller “Scatter the Seeds, Don’t Catapult the Humans”

June 10 Rev. Richard Allen “Here Is My Family”

June 3 Rev. Richard Allen “Here Am I, Send Me”

May 27 Rev. Richard Allen “What Does This Mean?”

May 20 Rev. Lynne Dolan “Why Mathias?”

May 13 Rev. Richard Allen “Home”

May 6 Rev. Lynne Dolan “Love At The Center”

April 22 Rev. Liz Miller “Peace Be With You”

April 8 11:00am Rev. Richard Allen “There You Will See Him”

April 8 9:00am Rev. Lynne Dolan “Ongoing Easter”

April 1 Rev. Richard Allen “The Coming Kingdom”

March 4 Rev. Richard Allen “The Great Paradox Revisited”

February 19 Rev. Richard Allen “Heading Down the Mountain”

February 12 Rev. Lynne Dolan “Magic or Mystic?”

February 5 Rev. Richard Allen “Peter’s Mother-in-law”

January 15 Rev. Richard Allen “We Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”

January 8 Rev. Lynne Dolan “Come Toward The Light”