Music Vision Statement

“Let everything that breathes praise the Lord!”



As a faith community we believe that music is part of our spiritual lives.

  • Music can be a form of prayer.
  • It involves our minds, bodies, and souls.
  • It can comfort, inspire, challenge, express joy, and move us to tears.
  • It brings us together in community.
  • It expresses and teaches our theology.
  • It transforms us.
  • It is vital to our church.

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As a church…

We want music that invites people in and is both welcoming and inclusive. We want it to be one of the many doors through which people enter our church.

We want to offer a diversity of musical expression that is reflective of the variety of sacred styles and traditions of our congregation, and beyond.

We want to offer many different kinds of opportunities for participation.

We want all ages to have the opportunity to enjoy music making and listening.

We want music that embraces and speaks to all ages.

We want music to be accessible in our many different church settings.

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Vision Statement affirmed by the congregation January 2013