Nominating Team

Our strength as a church is built upon members and friends who volunteer in the many vital ministries of our congregation.  The various ministry teams may work in the area of hospitality, in seeking justice or providing faith opportunities within our church.  Serving on a ministry team will not only serves the greater good, but will enrich the one doing the service as well.  While helping others you will make new friends and develop new skills, or sharpen old ones and build on the traditions that have come before you here at South Church!

What is your gift or talent?  If you would like to be more involved at South Church, please let us know.  There are unlimited possibilities and we’d love to hear from you!  Both friends of the church and church members are welcome to participate.  Listed below are brief descriptions of the many ministry teams and advisory committees at South Church.  If you would like to talk about what gifts you have to share please contact anyone from the Nominating Team or one of the church ministers.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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